Facebook ads policy for Health care

Personal Well-being and Physical Appearance

Advertisements must refrain from suggesting or attempting to create unfavorable self-perceptions in order to endorse products related to diet, weight loss, or other health-related items.


Ads for health or appearance products are prohibited from insinuating or striving to generate negative self-perception.

At Meta, their objective is to cultivate an environment where individuals within the community feel at ease, self-assured, and secure in expressing their authentic selves.


Advertisements are not permitted to:

  • State or insinuate the existence of an ideal body shape or appearance that individuals should seek to attain.
  • Encourage or reinforce pessimistic or unhealthy body ideals.
  • Exploit vulnerabilities to conform to specific beauty norms.
  • Contain offensive content that could provoke negative feelings about one’s appearance.
  • Promote an adverse relationship with food or physical activity.
  • Present detailed imagery of an individual’s health condition.
  • Include any form of body shaming.
  • Note: Advertisements for cosmetics, hair extensions, similar non-permanent beauty products, or digital editing apps do not fall under the scope of this policy.


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This image focuses on physical fitness and is compliant.

278818610 416666386959608 1587644657850449068 n

This image promotes healthy eating habits and is compliant.

278776427 956291795032967 6483566523121959367 n

This image of a person drinking vegetable juice is compliant.


278799502 408237314060575 5888227048637223785 n

This is a non-compliant image of wrinkles.

279067733 522811166075635 7385808252761872710 n

This image of a person’s abs is zoomed in and non-compliant.

279055159 1017718355844421 3397052799617015660 n

This image implies weight loss and would be non-compliant if used to promote a diet or weight loss product.

279115690 1175429329895869 3051342549228406362 n

This image of a person on a scale would be non-compliant, if used to promote a diet or weight loss product.

279135402 724563701902437 1166522473397260800 n

This is a non-compliant image of a person before and after weight loss.

279037901 361716746013832 4097308348582945869 n

This is a non compliant image of skin lightening.

Copied as it is from Facebook 

Source: Facebook

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