Facebook ads policy for Health care

Personal Well-being and Physical Appearance

Advertisements must refrain from suggesting or attempting to create unfavorable self-perceptions in order to endorse products related to diet, weight loss, or other health-related items.


Ads for health or appearance products are prohibited from insinuating or striving to generate negative self-perception.

At Meta, their objective is to cultivate an environment where individuals within the community feel at ease, self-assured, and secure in expressing their authentic selves.


Advertisements are not permitted to:

  • State or insinuate the existence of an ideal body shape or appearance that individuals should seek to attain.
  • Encourage or reinforce pessimistic or unhealthy body ideals.
  • Exploit vulnerabilities to conform to specific beauty norms.
  • Contain offensive content that could provoke negative feelings about one’s appearance.
  • Promote an adverse relationship with food or physical activity.
  • Present detailed imagery of an individual’s health condition.
  • Include any form of body shaming.
  • Note: Advertisements for cosmetics, hair extensions, similar non-permanent beauty products, or digital editing apps do not fall under the scope of this policy.


This image focuses on physical fitness and is compliant.

This image promotes healthy eating habits and is compliant.

This image of a person drinking vegetable juice is compliant.


This is a non-compliant image of wrinkles.

This image of a person’s abs is zoomed in and non-compliant.

This image implies weight loss and would be non-compliant if used to promote a diet or weight loss product.

This image of a person on a scale would be non-compliant, if used to promote a diet or weight loss product.

This is a non-compliant image of a person before and after weight loss.

This is a non compliant image of skin lightening.

Copied as it is from Facebook 

Source: Facebook

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