What is Medical Marketing (Healthcare Marketing)?

medical marketing healthcare marketing

Similar to other industries, healthcare professionals must formulate strategies to draw in patients. Medical marketing entails the utilization of marketing techniques that leverage technology, digital platforms, or advertising campaigns to fulfill the needs of patients. Additionally, medical marketing also strives to create visibility. It seeks to leave a lasting impression on the public, ensuring they […]

Discover 19 brilliant Dental Marketing Concepts for Expanding Your Practice


The dentist is at the top of my “dislike” list, surpassing even hospital visits and the obligation to eat vegetables. My aversion to dental appointments is particularly strong due to my frequent relocations, leading me to perpetually seek out new dentists to whom to entrust my dental care. In conversations with friends who have encountered […]

6 Marketing ideas for your clinic


Attracting fresh patients is essential for the vitality of any medical clinic or practice. Ensuring a steady influx of new patients involves performing a swift assessment of your marketing approaches and devising a potent strategy. Our comprehensive approach encompasses a range of practical marketing ideas for medical clinics. We’ll guide you through six compelling concepts […]

Facebook ads policy for Health care


Personal Well-being and Physical Appearance Advertisements must refrain from suggesting or attempting to create unfavorable self-perceptions in order to endorse products related to diet, weight loss, or other health-related items. Synopsis Ads for health or appearance products are prohibited from insinuating or striving to generate negative self-perception. At Meta, their objective is to cultivate an […]